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It was fun and thrill at the same time. Kudos to team EXIT Kelowna for making my weekend unforgettable. Highly recommend this place to hangout with…
Nimber Masdam Udrastu, March 06, 2020
We went there twice to enjoy the thriller of the game. I think this game is great for team bonding. EXIT is the best escape room I've played so…
Carolins Cernams, November 12, 2019
Amazing experience! Excellent escape set up! There was plenty of space to keep our whole team occupied throughout the whole session. I'm super…
Mad Genum Bermas, November 01, 2019
It was a super fun and creative room operation. This was our second visit to the mystic room escape.Wish you were there. Enjoyed a lot!
Jeannetta D. Hodges, October 18, 2019
The Grid VR Arcade is an affordable, comfortable standalone virtual reality setting. I would recommend the people to try them.
aaronpowell, June 01, 2018