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Latest reviews in Hospitals

Excellent et très à l’écoute. Mr Sabourin n’est pas alarmiste et il prend le temps d’expliquer.
Bianca, April 02, 2022
I was examined today by Dr. Shtybel and have found him very thorough, professional and a good listener. His technical assistant was very competent…
Talaat Abdel-malek, December 17, 2019
Something fabulous I must say! Got an appointment by 12:30 and it took only half an hour so to complete the denture. I was back to my work just after…
Bor Nahom Togenre, January 16, 2017
When I had my first denture treatment, I was something more than afraid. But the professionals at Shore Denture were very friendly and helpful. They…
U Kaxtus Bragi, January 16, 2017
Dr. Zeznik saved my right arm, literally. I tore the tendon from the bone in my right arm. Severed distal bicep tendon, I believe it is called.…
Calvin Pirsak, September 13, 2013