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Latest reviews in Japanese Restaurants

Absolutely delicious, every single dish we tried here was incredible and with so many options we're already planning on heading back…
Jack Shaw, December 18, 2020
Tout était super à part le service reçu qui était un peu lent.. L'endroit était rempli, mais tout de même... près de 90 minutes d'attente c…
Tremmich, February 23, 2017
I took my sons there, I dislike sushi and had the chicken teriyaki yakisoba and beef rice bowl, the chicken was tender and succulent, both yummy…
I took my sons, February 06, 2014
Kyoto Sushi has been the best Sushi restaurant that i have ever been to. Their food is delish and have so many different kinds of variety to choose…
hailey, January 28, 2014
The waitress and the managers here are very friendly towards there customers. Kyoto Sushi is my favorite Japanese Restaurant because their…
Amazing, January 22, 2014

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