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Latest reviews in Pediatric Dentists

Very skilled and attentive to results.
Michael Kresl, November 20, 2023
Fantastic experience. Best dentist in dundas. very smooth and painfree experience. I was always so afraid of going to dentists and now I am getting…
mathewbon, February 07, 2022
Dr serra is so cute
Smoothie, December 20, 2021
I have been to alot of dentists over the years growing up in Vancouver. Dr.Hoda and her asst. far out weigh them all. They are very professional,…
Grant Davis, May 02, 2021
I came here to get a 2nd opinion but have since decided to stay at All Smiles Dental for my permanent dentistry due to my experience with Dr. Gill.…
Gen Lanhe Tevid, April 05, 2017