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1001 Highland Park Blvd
T4A 0R2 Airdrie

(403) 948-6660

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Michael Sloan 05.11.2021
Ordered a ford Bronco day 1. Finally arrived October 2021 was told I would get the unit for msrp. Told by a sales manager Bryan to make a decision before even seeing it then emplying that I don't wish to proceed with my reservation. Told him I wanted to see it, next day He apologized that he sent a salesperson my wrong phone number, Test drove the unit the day after and wished to proceed was told by my salesman Trent that the finance person was off until Monday and we would look at my trade in on Monday (3 days). The same sales manager texts me that night asking how it went and for the 3rd time telling me how many people are interested in the Bronco and told him I was told Monday is when his Co worker told me I would talk with finance. I get told a different story that I can make it work earlier like they don't communicate with eachother and I am stuck in the middle. Monday comes and an estimate is made on the trade in, next day now I don't get a call from my salesperson but the same manager to finally get a deal together and to come down to the dealership to get the ball going as I will be out of town working. Now the real unprofessionalism is about to happen in finance. Before even sitting down with Henry I was asked by the finance person Henry that he needs a new copy of my driver's license because my picture looks like a black man he laughs. It was a dark photocopy and hard to read but awkward and uncomfortable to say the least and really disturbing especially nowadays. He pulls my report and all of a sudden he says I need more money down so I agree to put more down changing the deal. He asks me when to call the next day to tell me what the banks say and I asked to be contacted after 4 pm as I will be sleeping going on to nights. The next morning a different number wakes me up at around 10am. Not recognizing the number I send it to voice-mail and none was left. No calls after 4 and I had to call the dealership before work myself and was told that ALL the banks would not do anything and sorry bye reserve a new one ect. BUT if I miraculously come up with an insane amount of money maybe something can be worked out. Zero talk of any other options and essentially brushed off. As I have been employed in the oil sands for 14 years and still working through covid and monthly monitoring my credit things didn't match up. Sure enough looking at my report the only inquiry came from the dealership itself and zero inquiries from actual lenders. So l got lied too and pushed out the door and then they are free to sell the Bronco I ordered. Per the reservation I was to pay msrp, the trim level I ordered is being advertised 35 to 55000 more then msrp at other dealerships. It doesn't take a genius to put it all together that they had my Bronco sold before it even hit the lot. Thanks for making a bucket list item turn into an absolute disaster. I haven't been contacted by anyone from the dealership in 2 days so there's your review.

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