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430 Book Road East
L9G 3L1 Ancaster

(416) 464-5188

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07:05 AM - 07:00 PM
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Maggie Ng 11.02.2024
Very good
I was looking for better grooming tools for my 3 cats with constant mats, resisted and even ran away whenever I tried to brush them.

I searched the internet and found some good quality Chris Christensen (C.C.) combs but I have no idea how they work and whether they are suitable for my needs. I called C.C. but nobody pick up the phone.

Then, I contacted one of C.C.'s Canada distributor Wheatley Wares and Mike answered the phone. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! Mike patiently listened to my concerns, answered my questions regarding different products, and he suggested similar products with different prices.

I contacted Mike several times by phone and email. He was always very responsive and professional. He even helped me changed my order a couple of times until I got everything I needed with the best deal! I am very impressed with his customer-centered approach and am grateful to his helpful suggestions.

Mike shipped my order immediately but Canada Post encountered a processing error and they didn't deliver my package on the confirmed arrival date. I was worried about my package. So, I informed Mike about the delay and my anxiety. Mike reassured me that it will be sorted out soon... sure enough, I received my package the next day.

My cats liked the C.C. wooden pin brush & the C.C. & Eye Envy buttercombs, and I'm still working with them on the C.C. Karben slicker brush and the iGroom detangling spray.

Thank you Mike for your support! I recommend Wheatley Wares and especially Mike to anyone who is interested in finding grooming supplies for their furbabies! They have amazing customer service, competitive prices, and quality products! They care about their customers and their bottom line.

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