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Peter Hirsch 28.03.2023
I was very sick and in pain so my doctor gave me Prednisone for 5 days. I was feeling great but told I could not stay on it as it would destroy my bones. I should find an alternative medicine that is not so harmful. My allergist and neurologist along with some other physicians recommended that I see Yuen to get some relief. I went there although it hurt me a lot to walk all that distance to his office. he checked me out and sent me for some xrays of my shoulders hips and knees. I waited. 3 days later I found out he said I had severe arthritis and should see an orthopedic surgeon. I knew 20 years ago I had arthritis. He did not mention or recommend an alternative medicine or anything. He didn't even call. Just passed it on...We phoned his office only to be told he doesn't hand out narcotics. WHO asked for any of that garbage? She was VERY rude. Reminded me of a crusty old bag like Granny Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies. If you been to the office you know what I mean. I just hope one day he will never be in a misfortunate position such as an auto accident or vehicle broke down and requires MY help!
Sissy Federer 24.05.2022
I have had the unfortunate experience of waiting 18 months for an appointment I desperately needed to see Dr Kenneth Yuen. The day of my appointment I blew a tire on the 400 which was super scary and I had to wait two hours for CAA, By the time I got back to Barrie I sadly had missed my appointment. I was also having a toe amputated the next day at RVH so I was very flustered.I called that evening to ask for another appointment . I spoke to a very rude secretary who informed that Dr Yuen has a hard and engraved in stone policy to never reschedule a patient !!!!! I was off the list for good and he would never consider seeing me even though I am in pain and suffering.I explained my plight but did not hear one work of kindness. Just a black and white rule for everyone. It was my understanding that dr's took a Hyppocratic Oath to help people, not Dr Yuen I received no help and I am 64 years old and have been through the ringer when it comes to my health. I actually cried out of frustration and anxiety. In a way I am glad he he would not see me because I would not want such a cruel dr treating me.

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