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2400 Guelph Line, Unit 5
L7P 4M7 Burlington

(905) 336-2800

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08:00 AM - 08:00 PM
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Trista Legere 22.03.2022
Would give 0 stars if possible. My puppy (8months) was hit by a car. I rushed her in. Her leg had a fairly large cut and was obviously broken. Within 5min I had an 1100 bill, I am a single mom and full time student, so I paid half upfront and put half on a payment plan. Was then told they wanted to keep her for 1/2 the day to monitor her (understandable)as well as xray her leg. I came home and recieved a call that her leg was in fact broken and that the options were surgery or splint. I was told the surgery was $5000, and that it had to be paid upfront. When I said I didn't have $5000 upfront for a surgery and asked about the splint, the lady on the phone tried to convince me to go with the surgery, I again stated I didn't have $5000 upfront for a surgery, and was told "if you can't afford your pet the next option would be considering surrendering her to a resuce". I was in disbelief. I called a different vet and went to pick up my baby from these awful people to take her to someone else. When I picked her up her leg and paw were still unwrapped. They had had her for almost 2hours at this point and had not even bandaged her cut. She bled the entire way to the new vet. I paid these heartless, unprofessional people 1100 to give my puppy a pain med, and an iv/fluids and a xray. The second vet we saw IMMEDIATELY wrapped her leg to relieve pain (free of charge) and gave her pain meds to make her as comfortable as possible. They then went over her xray with me and the options of splint or surgery( which I could finance) and explained that although it was a bad break it was clean and given her age she had an extremely good chance of a full recovery with a SPLINT. That entire vist (5+ hours) cost me 200. Plus her meds. She is now at home, and doing well. NELSON ANIMAL HOSPITAL DOES NOT CARE ABOUT PETS OR THEIR FAMILIES. THEIR MAIN CONCERN IS MONEY. I still can't believe I was told to surrender a member of my family because I couldn't afford $5000. Most insensitive thing ever said to me. Stay away from these people. We will NEVER be back

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