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8960 University High St #140
V5A 4Y6 Burnaby
British Columbia

(604) 267-3368

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09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
09:00 AM - 07:00 PM
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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BettyHigh Source: Cylex | 17.07.2014
Very good
After changing my dentists for the past few years, I can say that I finally find my dentist/dental center.
I have a problem with one of my teeth for the past 10 years and none of my previous dentist could help me with that. The last one was forcing me to do crown it to fix it!
Dr. Yee, fixed that problem in 5 minutes! It just needed some polish to be flat and smoothed out.
He also refilled three of my previous silver fillings and so far (Until now that I am writing this review), everything is great.
They also offer a 20% reduction for their prices to the SFU graduate students, which makes my expenses going out from my pocket close to nothing!
My only suggestion for them, would be about y experience with Dr. Yee's assistant at the time I went there. She was very nice, but quite slow!
Highly recommended.
maryrj Source: Cylex | 10.07.2014
Very good
Dr. Sahota is a great dentist, as she speaks to you and informs you of what she intends on doing,why shes doing it etc. instead of simply addressing her assistant. The dental hygienist was very professional albeit he was very preachy. Front desk staff are kind, however seem focused on payment and not willing to go the extra mile. It doesnt take much to look up whether insurance covers extractions/specialists etc. People have insurance so they dont have to pay up front. Regardless of these minor details, Dr Sahota's efficient, professional and personable service earned them a return patient.
Scotty Source: Cylex | 05.12.2013
Very good
Everyone was very helpful and efficient at Simon Fraser Dental. The administration was clear and professional, and the dentist explained everything well. Teddy the hygienist was awesome, very friendly and informative. He explained my options honestly and did a great job cleaning my teeth. Thanks!

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