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130B-10 Street NW
T2N 1V3 Calgary

(403) 475-2065

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12:00 PM - 05:00 PM
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Allison Garwah 06.03.2023
I love the business owner, who has a lovely, warm and friendly personality. Unfortunately today the two ladies working there weren't the least bit friendly with me, seemed to have attitude (one employee in particular, and this is not the first time Ive had this eperience with this employee) and quite snobbish, belittling and rude behaviour. Also, I did not appreciate the two dogs in the store today, with the lack of courtesy towards those who might have allergies. When I brought in my items, not only did I receive such weak, inconsistent remarks regarding them, one of the dogs trampled all over them on the couch while one employee seemed to have cared less. Which now could render my items completely unsellable to anywhere else. This was highly disrespectful and unprofessional.
When I was up at the counter paying for my items today (which I was hesitant to purchase given the treatment I received) one of the employees felt it appropriate to have one of the dogs on the counter with her right up at the til. As I'm purchasing new items I do not want them to get trampled on by a dog.

I'm sorry to the owner for these complaints, but unfortunately I was more than unimpressed by my experience in the store today. The two employees there were too busy chit chatting btwm themselves behind the counter to even ask if I found what I'm looking for or to be of any help to me whatsoever. And when I did ask a few questions, I got nothing but rude, harsh and abrupt answers.

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