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Recent reviews on Yably

John Green 16.11.2023
The WORST Business I have ever dealt with!!Shipping a Vehicle from ********* ** to ******* ******* Don't believe anything you see on their "Fancy" website, all lies.Received competitive quote so thought I would give them a try.Originally my Vehicle was to be shipped on a train. Found out afterwards Rocket Auto was planning on subbing it out to another shipping company.The train plan didn't work out so Rocket Auto told me they could arrange a truck for another $700. I figured I had no choice, so I agreed, then the fun started. They would not give me an exact schedule to ship my vehicle, They stopped answering my emails, txt and phone calls when I finally received some communication they kept delaying and delaying the date using all the excuses in the book. a couple times they would give me a date and when that date arrived they had another excuse. Finally after 4 weeks of waiting they told me it was going to be delayed longer due to mechanical problems with their truck. I responded with a Cancelation email which I was shocked they accepted and informed me I would get a refund in 14 days. 2 weeks later I had to ask for the refund which they actually did send. (minus a towing charge that they charged double what it was to deal with the tow truck directly.)I can't believe a company can even exist with such horrible service. I learned a big reviews and stay away from a company that has such bad ratings.
Adedapo Source: Cylex | 20.10.2023
I shipped a car with this company since September 16, 2023 from Calgary to Toronto. Today is Oct 20, 2023, no trace of the car. Tracking system not working. Its the worst nightmare doing business with this people!!!
Regan Katerenchuk 22.06.2023
This has been a terrible experience. Do NOT use this company.

My partner planned to ship his car from Toronto to Vancouver last week. We were told to drop it off at the shipping yard on June 11th, scheduled to leave on the 13th. After drop off, we received no confirmation or communication from Rocket Auto Haulers. He tried to contact the company repeatedly with no answer for days. When they finally answered, they told him his car was on a train. A week later, with no communication, he was told they didn't actually have his car on a train and couldn't locate it. Today, his father went to office in Scarborough who told him it was shipped on the 13th. Upon calling the office in BC, he was told it was not shipped.

We currently do not know where his car is and have no received any help from Rocket Auto Haulers. This has been a complete waste of time and money, which deserves to be reimbursed.

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