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Rebecca Rice 06.07.2022
Very dissatisfied with not only the service in store but the product as well. Would not recommend, atleast not the Cambridge location. Our wedding is this Saturday. Booked well in advance for our suit rentals and when we picked up the suit, the shoes are not what we ordered. There was no notice given to us as the client even though we were told we “must have missed the phone call” to notify us that our style of shoes are unfortunately now out of stock. This is for the whole groomsmen party not just for the groom. Not even a similar style of shoe was provided. The bow tie was not what we asked for and the girl said to change it it’ll cost an additional amount which is ridiculous. The catalog photos show one thing yet they order you a completely different style? With 4 days until our wedding, and them promising they can make any adjustments in store.. yet they don’t have a tailor available for a month during their busy season and ask that you go to another location to get alterations done which is not convenient at all. And the cherry on top is that the rental suit dress shirt wreaks of BO and the bow tie and pants smell like cologne. These are supposed to be washed before given to another client and if that’s them being washed then it’s poorly done. No compensation for anything. Made me feel like we were the ones at fault. Not a good experience at all. SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND GO SOMEONE ELSE.

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