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Evgeny Kamenskiy 11.08.2022
Wow! I have never dealt with such poor customer service and product quality. The WORST EVER experience of my life!

The owner, Ari, is the most dishonest person I have ever met. He always lied and broke all his promises. After trying to resolve the issues being addressed in this review for weeks he threatened that he would go to the police and open a case of harassment against me!

Due to this, l had to call my lawyer.

My story:

I ordered a logo sign for my wife’s office. I ordered it to be made with laser cut technology. I provided Ari with my files. He made a design which I approved. He sent me an invoice which clearly said that it would be a laser-cut sign. Mechanical Cutting, by the way, is significantly cheaper than laser cutting but the laser-cut quality is much better. Laser-cutting helps to avoid common defects: sharp edges, crooked lines, material twists, chips and cut-off pieces of material…

He called me a few weeks before he made the sign and asked me if I had files. I said “NO” but I said I had OTHER files (.eps, .pdf, .svg). He wanted .ai files and he did not ask me which files I had. He said he would work with what he had.

Finally, he produced the sign. He came to my office and showed the product. I took a quick look and let him install the sign. This was my mistake and I should have inspected the sign more carefully.

Why didn’t I look more carefully? I could not even imagine that any business owner would come to his client with such work that was done so poorly and failed to meet all the client’s specifications.

After Ari left my office, I noticed some defects. After taking a careful look at the sign I was shocked. It had lots of imperfections and defects: sharp edges, crooked lines, material twists, chips, cut-offs, missed parts, letters not glued and so on.

I sent Ari an email with the complaint. Here is his reply: “The logo is produced exactly as per the logo you provided”.

I sent him photos of all defects. He ignored my emails.

I consulted with two different Signarama offices. They said it was not a laser cut method which was used to make the sign.

I kept sending emails to Ari to book an appointment at his office. He ignored my emails.

I went to his office a few times. It was closed most of the time.

He never picked up his phone and did not reply to my messages.

After trying to resolve this issue for weeks, I finally managed to meet Ari at his office in person and discussed with him the issue I had with his product. He said he had not seen the photos which I sent to him with my emails. He AGREED that the product did not meet my specifications and promised to correct the shortfall.

It took about THREE MONTHS of making promises in his end such as: “waiting for material”, “I will have it ready next week” ….

Finally, he promised to make a refund if I bring the sign to his office. I tried to take it off the place but it seemed the adhesive was strong. I was afraid to brake the sign and asked Ari to come and take it off.

I’ve never heard from him again.

So. Now I believe that the only way to resolve the issue is to consider a court action against Ari, seeking damages and legal costs.

If you want to deal with Ari, please think twice, read his Google reviews carefully, ask for warrantees and refund policy, do not make large deposits, have everything in writing, inspect all his work carefully…


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