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920 Cole Harbour Road
B2V 2J5 Dartmouth
Nova Scotia


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Hours set on 12/03/2024
08:30 AM - 03:00 PM
07:30 AM - 07:30 PM
07:30 AM - 07:30 PM
07:30 AM - 07:30 PM
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Andrew van Nostrand 19.08.2022
We have brought out pets to this animal hospital for years without issue, our cat has a known urinary tract infection to both us and the vet. We purchase their special urinary tract food on a regular basis directly from Companion Animal Hospital. Today we called to get a prescription refilled for amoxicillin which they advised they would refill no problem without bringing the cat in every time to avoid the stress that it causes and today they refused to dispense the medication without seeing the cat. If its a known issue, we were told to just call and have it refilled no problem why is my cat left to suffer because Companion Animal Hospital wants to make $150 on a regular checkup, now were in a position with a sick cat and no medication.

Not a very good Animal Companion... do they care about money or your pet?


We have gone to Companion Animal Hospital for years:
1) We purchase the suggested special urinary food wet + dry
2) Last time we did bring him in for a checkup they didn't collect
the sample in time and had to keep him overnight and had to
recollect it in the morning and he was traumatized from having
to stay there over night
3) Was advised in the past if the issues do come back to just call and they will refill the prescription without having to stress the cat out and bring him in
4) Called today to get a refill of amoxicillin since cat is displaying signs of issue returning
5) Was told no and that they would need to see the cat for a regular checkup and pee sample...
6) I said no we were advised we wouldn't need to bring the cat in for this issue and they flat out refused to dispense medication.

Needless to stay we will not be bringing out animals back here.

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