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10100 10 Street
V1G 3T2 Dawson Creek
British Columbia

+1 250-784-4080

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Appointment only
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Dawn Benolirao 27.03.2023
Very good
The best massage I have ever had. Great experience from welcome to goodbye. Truly amazing, felt like a combination of physical therapy and relaxation massage. I booked massages with my sister, and great ambiance, professional staff, and good pricing. DEFINITELY, WE WILL BE BACK SOON. THANK YOU.
Jeanele De guzman 25.10.2022
Very good
I love love love Shilena Nails Spa. I will not go anywhere else. They take such good care of me and are wonderful when I bring my daughter in for a kid's pedicure. The pedicures for adults are luxurious with long massages, relaxing aromas, and dimmed lights for resting pleasure. They are fast with full sets and fills! They have so many wonderful technicians I never wait for an appointment.
Tongs Cj 25.08.2022
Very good
This place is very professional with their work and all of them are amazing. I have recommended this place to all of my classmates. I've been there like a million times. The staff paid attention to all the details and always makes such pretty nails!

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