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9000-60 Avenue
T6E 6A6 Edmonton

(780) 469-4418

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07:30 AM - 06:00 PM
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Helene Smolcec 20.07.2023
Years of using this business with multiple insurance claims or repairs sought out & referring others to do so. Work done was not holding up & CLEARLY covered by warranty as per their documents provided. Started contacting May 11/23. May 12 reply confirmed the photos sent to them were warrantable repairs. 4-5 email not replied to after that. Take time off work to go to shop to be told "I can only take photos & get back to you next week" as no staff available on a fri morn. Holden verbally confirmed what he saw was covered by the warranty they provide on work. Multiple emails to follow up & June 30/23 told me they are "reviewing" with "short staffed" & priority is the "not driveable" customers (aka PAYING work) & will contact me next week. That was 3 weeks ago. NO customer service or integrity to follow up or cover clear warranty of their prior service. You will now see my vehicle in parking lots with sign in windshield telling you where to go for the Peeling & Cracking decals & paint you will see. DO NOT USE THIS BUSINESS ! If I could rate less than 5 stars I would.

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