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Akin Enwon 27.10.2022
If you like shady, untrustworthy salespeople or simply love getting swindled, then Woodbine Nissan is the place for you!!!

I usually don't write reviews because I understand that mistakes happen and everyone should be given a second chance. HOWEVER, I'm writing this review because this was NOT just a simple misunderstanding, but rather a whole unsettling and costly experience that will leave you wondering why Nissan Canada is allowing such a dealership to tarnish their brand. That being said, this is not so much a review, but rather a warning to would-be customers to STAY AWAY from this place. If you are already a customer, bless your heart and be strong!

Here are a couple of things you need to know about Woodbine Nissan:

1. If you go in to get your car serviced, even for a minor repair or inspection, you better BELIEVE that they will overcharge you and your children.

2. As mentioned above, the sales people and the finance team (don't think I forgot about you guys either) are some of the most untrustworthy people you will meet. Please do yourself a favour an review the contract yourself without having them explain it to you. They will exclude important details, and in my case, will lie straight up to your face even though it is written down on paper.

In conclusion, if I had a time machine I would 1) go back and see the dinosaurs and 2) save my time, money and energy and visit a new dealership instead. In all seriousness though, I can't believe a place like this could still exist. I have been a loyal Nissan customer for years, but after this experience I think I will choose any of their competitors over them.
Kate Browne 20.09.2022
Very good
It’s important to give credit where it’s due. My experience with Sales Manager Pearse at Woodbine Nissan was exceptional. I have certain health issues and during the pandemic he made it possible for me to try out cars in a safe and Covid free way. The attention to detail was remarkable, everyone I met through my experience there was helpful and knowledgable an excellent car dealership

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