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962 Upper James Street
L9C 3A5 Hamilton

(905) 389-2286

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08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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myself notyou 30.11.2022
i rushed my senior cat here two weeks ago he is 16 yrs old with some pretty serious health issues, . the vet, man handled my cat slamming him to the table picking him up flipping him up and slammed his hind end down on the table hard enough to make him scream. he also forcefully choked him while trying to take his temperature. very very unprofessional and i will be filing a complaint with the OVC against Dr Mogavero. would not recommend mogavero to anyone. the rest of the staff is wonderful but he shouldn't be allowed to touch an animal. my cat cant walk properly anymore.
Paeton Grenier 20.07.2022
NEVER TAKE YOUR PET HERE!!!! This clinic horrified me!! Our regular vet was closed so they got us in on the weekend. We warned them ahead of time that our min pin is small, but can be super aggressive as he is scared of the vet and gets extremely worked up so they couldn’t really touch him. They agreed to take us in since we had video and sound recording of our dogs cough. The vet came in and asked what was wrong. I played him the clips and he confirmed it was kennel cough. He asked if we wanted his nails cut as they are long and I stated we would be getting them done at our regular vet next week. He said he needed to take our dog in the back to have a better assessment of him. He asked me to put a rope around our dogs neck and I thought nothing of it until he dragged our dog to the back who was already coughing and having a hard time breathing. At that point I waited in the room alone while I could hear them in the back with my dog whining and crying the entire time. He stated that “his nails haven’t stopped bleeding” which I could also hear all going on, which I told him NOT TO CUT IN THE FIRST PLACE. At this point I was already mad/upset hearing my dog so distressed. He brought him back and my dog ran into my lap so fast and was shaking unbelievably. I looked down to check him out and he had blood coming from his jowls and on his face and my entire sweater was covered in dog poo. The veterinarian stated that they thought they cleaned him up good enough and that he didn’t bite them once. I asked why he would bite in the first place if they were just checking him. He stated they did a heart worm test, WHICH WE NEVER EVEN TALKED ABOUT DOING!!! And cut his nails which I specifically told him NOT to do also… my dog got so scared with whatever they did to him back there that he actually defacated himself. Then he had the audacity to try and charge me for the heart worm test we never asked for. My dogs nails have never been so short! They cut ones shorter that were already short and left the long ones long. The whole visit was completely unprofessional and I will NEVER be going back. This place should be reported. The veterinarian was extremely rude and unprofessional in every way possible and I will be telling everyone I know never to go here after our experience, as well as all of the other horrible reviews I keep reading.

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