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Unit #107 – 590 K.L.O. Rd
V1Y 7S2 Kelowna
British Columbia

250 860 7766

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10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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Newton Parks 03.05.2023
My daughter and I had a wonderful day in Kelowna shopping for her grade 12 prom dress, it was a special event that we made the day of. We made an appointment at Bliss Bridal and the session went really well; the clerk was attentive and professional, and my daughter was thrilled with how all seven of the dresses she tried on looked. It was almost impossible for her to decide which one to buy. The one she chose needed 'minor alterations' that we would get done in our hometown (2.5 hours away). The Bliss Bridal clerk assured us multiple times that it would be no problem for our seamstress to make the needed alterations. We chose Bliss because we are not well versed in sewing or formal wear. We valued their professional opinion and guidance. Sadly it turned out that the alteration was NOT minor in any way. My daughter is a size two and the dress we bought was a size 0 that required major alterations that took well over two hours. Our seamstress, who has been doing prom dress alterations for over two decades, felt terrible for us but in the end took just over two hours of her time. She explained that she would need to add a panel at the back and that the fabric is fragile to work with. The seamstress also went on to say that she sees this all the time from formal wear shops; the lack of knowledge on what can and cannot be done with ease to a dress that doesn't fit at the time of purchase. I contacted Bliss Bridal and explained the situation with pictures from the time of purchase and the alteration. I asked Bliss Bridal to reimburse us for the $150 that the alteration cost, but they refused and took absolutely no responsibility for the poor advice that we were given. We were disappointed that such a high end specialty show would give poor advice in the first place, and then that they would not take responsibility was the icing on the cake. I would not recommend this business. Mistakes can happen, but to call themselves a professional establishment and not take any responsibility is unacceptable. In our email exchanges they went as far as to question my honesty about when my daughter's prom was taking place and tried to blame the seamstress for not knowing what she was doing.
Nicole Pilla 11.10.2022
We did a yes to the dress weekend in kelowna for my daughter. We went to 4 shops. When we were at bliss she was Body shamed. She was given 4 of the exact same dress to try on and then was told there was nothing else in the store that she could try on. What a horrible experience. The other shops we went to made up for this shop. I would never recommend Bliss

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