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Vanessa Martin 08.02.2023
Tldr: my almost brand new car is having issues with the driver side door. VW didn't fix it but their new app proved that their service dept was lying to me about looking at it, when they didn't.

I received terrible service from their "service" department. When the latch on the drivers door on the new car I'd purchased only four months ago started sporadically malfunctioning, I made an appointment and brought it into the dealership. Now like I said the problem happened sporadically (aka not every single time) so of course it happened on my way to the dealership but was fine when I got there. A couple of different people tried opening and closing the door and it worked every time. Now, I understand they can't fix a problem they can't observe, but I received no instruction as to what to do if it happened again, I was just told "everything is working fine" and to come pick it up. When I pressed them for more information someone tried to tell me that I just had to make sure I was closing the door correctly. When I asked how exactly does one close a door incorrectly, the service person couldn't answer and transferred me to her manager. After talking to the manager I decided I would leave my car over the weekend and have them check it on Monday morning to be sure. Now it's important to note that because my car is brand new, it comes with a brand new app that gives my phone notifications every time a door opens, is unlocked, etc. I got plenty of these notifications on the Friday when they said they had looked at my car, so I know they were telling the truth. Monday rolls around, and I get no notifications that someone is looking at my car, and no phone calls filling me in on what's happening. Fine, maybe they got busy. Tuesday afternoon I'd received no calls, and had no notifications that the door was tested, so I called and left a message asking for an update. About an hour before close I got a message that my car was ready for pickup. No information on what they'd done with it, and still no notifications that the door had been opened, or even the car unlocked, meaning they hadn't looked at it, and just wanted me to pick it up anyways. Wednesday I finally call them and ask what's going on. I'm told by the person on the phone that they "just looked at it", and it's ready for pickup. Again I hadn't received any notifications but had just tested the app by remotely locking and unlocking the car, which went through each time. In other words, now they were actively lying. I asked about this and was told that maybe there's a delay, and was put on hold while he "went out and checked again". No notifications on my end that anything had happened, aka another lie. Regardless I had to go pick up my car. Before going into the building I went to my car and tried the door. It worked fine, but so did the app, meaning I got a notification that it had been unlocked, opened, and closed. Aka the app was working just fine. When I there I asked for a record of what had been done and there was a short line that said a bunch of people had tried to open and close the door and it worked. This was recorded as happening on the Friday and nothing since. When I asked the person at the desk about it they again lied to my face and basically said "idk what the deal is with the app but I checked it". It was clear to me that I was going to continue getting lied to, so I took my car and left (which of course sent more notifications to my phone).

So to summarize, VW screwed themselves by installing a cellphone app that tells me when my car door is opened etc., proving that the service department routinely lied to me about checking my door.

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