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Lakhdeep Dhaliwal 30.03.2023
i want to pick up some Bravecto for my dog as I do every summer. Now, i cannot simply pick up, they want to see my dog and charge me extra. I just want this medication to prevent flea n ticks, they just want to make a buck off the visit. Time to look for another vet!

response: We are glad that you are taking steps to provide your pet with protection against parasites such as fleas and ticks. However, as Bravecto is a medication, we require a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship. If your pet has not been seen in well over a year, we cannot dispense prescription medication.

Final analysis: I call BS, if you are glad that a pet owner is taking care of their pet, you would provide the resources that the pet owner is requesting without the $100.00 vet bill. This annual check up fantasy was paused during Covid, I simply picked up what I needed as responsible pet owners do. Now it seems like a great ploy to recoup all those missed appointment dollars.
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