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20488 Fraser Hwy
V3A 4G2 Langley
British Columbia

(604) 523-8835

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Nimrex Gitdras Tomrikro Source: Cylex | 28.10.2014
We had Custom caterers for our wedding on oct 25, 2014. Upon meeting this caterer, I thought everything would be wonderful as promised, well it was anything but! He was unfriendly upon arrival, annoyed when asked to move his van when my guests started to arrive. After the ceremony the bridal party, including myself, went to the buffet to get our dinner, I could not believe what I saw, 4 very small salads, the green salad had one dressing to choose from, no garnishes anywhere. The potatoes which were supposed to be roasted , were boiled and stems left on, and potaotes were huge and whole, no flavour, the carrots were so mushy and watery, even my granddaughters asked what was wrong with them, green beans the same! The roast beef was fine, yorkshires were cold and soggy. After dinner there was a coffee service, well supposed to be, my guest had their cups taken right out of their hands while trying to finish their coffee, if they were lucky enough to get one, they were told coffee was over because they were leaving, appalling service to say the least! We were promised that any leftovers would be for is to take home, the caterer took, all of it including the roast beef, we had paid for the food, but I guess that didn't matter. I have had many conversations with the owner/ caterer about my disappointment and all he did was argue with me, he was also unfriendly during the whole meal. I would NOT recommend them to anyone for anything!

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