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54 Taylor Crescent Southeast
T1B 3X6 Medicine Hat

+1 403-527-2345

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Misty JS 20.09.2023
Very good
Shooting Star Events catered my wedding and it was a literal dream come true! The food was so delicious with amazing variety, and they even did some veggie meals for family members who needed it. The staff was friendly, helpful, professional, experienced and they went above and beyond on everything. They even mixed my "True Love's Kiss" kid's punch and cut my intricate castle wedding cake. The prices are extremely reasonable and the quality is exceptional. There are no words to say how happy they made me. And Stan is a true gentleman who helped me create my perfect wedding vision. He was there to help me figure out the layout and his staff made sure the tables, chairs, linens, plating, and glassware were all in place in my time frame. I felt that each and every individual on his team truly cared about making my day magical. And I cannot say enough about the food. I had some of every dish and each one was incredibly delicious. I highly recommend this amazing team.

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