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Jacques Constantin 10.11.2022
Belfor has to be the worst restoration company on this planet. And they are supposed to be a preferred vendor by my insurance company. My mistake was to agree to this company. The flood happened on August 21, 2022. The insurance company was called immediately and I was advised that Belfor would be handling it. I was told that they would be by my house at 9pm. 9pm came and I called them and was told that they should be there soon, 11:30pm rolls around, I called again, I was told they should be there about 1am. I stayed up until 2:30am and gave up. My doorbell rings at 9am with Belfor at the door. I told them that I was advised they were supposed to be here by 1am. The lead person said they were only told this morning. So, the night before phone calls were all B.S,
Communication is a nightmare with this company. When the fans downstairs were operating for 3 days straight to remove any moisture, they were supposed to come and get them. All I hear is crickets. I called to ask, after identifying myself and the address, as to when the fans will be picked up, they asked who was this and what address???. I repeated myself and they said they will come and pick them up, no time frame indicated or anything approaching that. They finally show up in the afternoon to pick them up. The moving company that were contracted to pack all the items downstairs were ok, Some items were deemed damaged and to be disposed of. Well, all our winter clothes were in plastic bins and were taken by the company. We are now in November with no winter clothes and no indication as to when they will be returned as the floor has yet to be stripped and new floors put in. We don't even have a date as to the selection of flooring, as we were advised of. Contacting Belfor has been one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had as you call them, they tell you they will call you back, and you do not hear from them, even after two weeks!!!! If there were any communication at all, I would understand but at this point I want nothing to do with them. This is well going into the winter and in the spring before anything is resolved.
Anyone considering Belfor should run, look the other way before you enter the arena of frustration and aggravation. If I could give them a "0" I would.
J S 05.05.2022
Belfor was contracted to complete the repairs and chose Contech Pros to pack out my home and pack it in and completed the repairs in about 3 weeks. I was made to chose flooring in my home that was different from the flooring I initially had, as I could not locate the type or make of the flooring for a match. The staff at Contech Pros. destroyed my glass and steel coffee table, broke my wedding glassware set, and my office filing cabinet. It has been almost a year since the flood and continue to battle with my insurance company, the renovation company and feel that I am being met with gross incompetence, unprofessionalism, and atrocious customer service at every step.

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