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3755 Britannia Road West
L5N 7X6 Mississauga

(905) 824-7387

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Anne Duff 18.01.2024
Very good
My husband bought me a yellow naped Amazon for Christmas in 1986. He knew our beloved standard poodle was dieing and he knew how devestated 💔 I would be. Unfortunately, we knew nothing about birds and he bought her from a pet store. As it turns out, he bought the best parrot in the world.
Our dog died on February 7,1987 and as he predicted, I could hardly function. 😢 Going forward, I was extremely happy to have this beautiful bird. Long story short, ( as we loquacious tend to be ), we went on a 3week trip and felt comfortable leaving her at the pet shop. Again, long story short 😄, we noticed once we came home that she wasn't herself. I called the pet store and was advised that several of the birds had chlamydia.
Luckily, the young lady who answered told us that we must immediately take her to Brittania Animal Hospital . Thank God she answered the phone.
Our beautiful bird stayed for a week, was properly treated and recovered.
She has been Dr. Valsamis's patient since and I don't regret one penny that we have spent on her. She is happy when she goes in twice a year to have her Mani/ Pedi and his calm demeanor certainly helps.
All the staff are fabulous whenever I call to order food for her and my son's two cats.
Again, if you have a pet that you love ❤️ and deserve, I don't think you can put a price on what you pay for that pet's wellbeing!
Hopefully, my parrot won't outlive this fabulous office !
Y R 24.03.2022
Insincere, two-faced, and cold. Not trustworthy - the vet I saw did procedures without my consent.

I went to this clinic for my cockatiel. I always thought she was a young bird, and came in with the expectation that she had a sprained ankle. So it was a real shock to me to hear from the vet that she was going to die in either two years or two months of gout, an incurable condition. We had our appointment, it started late and ended after maybe 40 minutes. She answered my questions. I thought at the time she was lovely. I was really upset, it was devastating. My cockatiel is my family and best friend.
This vet did not know that I had gone inside to pay, and buy some treats for her. I spoke to the vet tech at the front desk and asked her a question about if there were any tests that could find the origin cause of the gout. The vet tech went to the back to ask her the question – the door was essentially connected to the room I was in, and I could see her open it to ask. The vet said, in an annoyed and snippy voice “No. No there is nothing like that. I talked to her for an hour already about that.” It was completely devoid of any empathy.
I think many of you can relate to this shock of having a family member be known to be sick. Your brain just shuts down. This vet could have acted with any little bit of compassion but she was instead so heartless about this issue.

Procedures without my consent:
During this pandemic it is more important than ever that you trust your vet -because they literally take your pet into the next room and you can’t see anything as the procedure is happening. This vet told me she would call prior to doing the appointment, and then refused to talk to me after she had taken my cockatiel in. She then removed gout crystals from her foot, because they were “near the surface.” To do this you have to literally take a pin/scratch into the skin to obtain the gout crystals. It’s invasive and stressful and in the end we didn’t even use the gout liquid. She ultimately should have asked before doing this procedure and it was a major breach of trust.

It was a horrible experience.
Shelly Livingstone 07.09.2021
We recently took our bird to Britannia Animal Hospital! The prices are becoming outrageous! For an appointment it has now become $135! For a green cheek conure! Boarding for 9.5 days was $450! We supplied the food, treats and water! So 50 dollars a day! And to hear that this clinic raises it prices twice a year is ridiculous! During this pandemic! Talk about price gouging! The staff are wonderful! And always tell me what a sweetheart my bird is!

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