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Pierre S Source: Cylex | 30.01.2024
Very good
We had an excellent experience with Mike and Michael for whole renovations for our home. It was an extensive project involving opening up the living space, removing stucco ceilings, installation of potlights and light fixtures, repainting all walls, replacing all trim and a new powder room. We had a separate team for our floors.

Mike and Michael were professional and communicative throughout the whole project. I appreciated this the most. I would get daily texts about the project, arranged times weekly to review progress and immediate calls/messages if there were issues. They took great care in our home and told us when they found issues such as water damage (missed during our home inspection) all the way to letting us know that our daughter's room was giving them trouble with being painted. The previous owners had painted over wallpaper and the first coat was not up to their standards. They gave us options and costs in how to approach issues and were very open to changes when we discussed them. It was a fantastic experience throughout. Michael even went beyond to check on our house a few times during the project because "It's ok, I live close by". We couldn't have asked for more.

Their team took a ~3 week break for our flooring team to come in which caused us stress because we wanted to move in ASAP. They doubled their efforts and got our house move in ready before the new year. Mike was fantastic at keeping us updated and coordinating our cleaners. He let us know right to the hour when they would be done.

This was a fantastic contractor and home renovation experience. We are absolutely happy to be in our home and the changes from when we bought to what it is now is night and day. I can't recommend them more! !
Rui De Carvalho Source: Cylex | 02.12.2023
Very good
This was our first experience with M&D Buildings and we are very pleased, not only with the completed work, but also with the manner that Mike and his team carried out the project.  

This renovation was not overly large but a bit complicated.  It involved the full removal of an interior wall to open up the space between the kitchen and family room.  This wall was load bearing, so the work required the appropriate engineering assessment and the design of a replacement support structure along with the documentation to support the application for the permit from the municipal building department.   Mike and his team handled all of these preparatory requirements and the permit was issued in a matter of a few weeks from the start.  

Once approval was obtained, Mike and his team started and completed the work adhering to the schedule that was initially proposed.  The work also involved the reworking of the impacted heating ductwork, improvements to the existing lighting, additional electrical work, replacement of the flooring, removal of dated popcorn ceiling and final painting.  The finishing work was extended to the adjoining hallways and stairs. 

What could have been a significant complication was that the work was started and completed when both of us were out of the country.  In our opinion this is where Mike further demonstrated his professionalism.  He maintained regular and detailed communication on the status for the work and when our decisions were required.  The onus was always on us to respond to Mike’s requests for direction, and at no time was there a need for us to chase him to find out what was going on; he was always a text away. Mike gave us his honest opinion as to what would look better as work took its course, and he was always right.
Dana Corsen Source: Cylex | 22.11.2023
Very good
We recently worked with the M&D team for our extensive main floor renovation and we are extremely thrilled with the quality and final outcome. We now have the open concept main floor and kitchen of our dreams.

I did my homework leading up to selecting the right contractor - including background and reference checks. This was a big decision and investment and we had high expectations. We didn’t want to risk a nightmare for a cheaper result, regrets and problems.

From the moment we met Mike it was clear he had a good sense of our needs and a good process to develop an accurate budget and timeline that would address our wishes. Other contractors we met were so effusive and unclear and some even told us what we wanted was not possible.

In fact, it was during the planning process before we even gave Mike a deposit, that it became clearer and clearer we were in very experienced and capable hands. From working with the structural engineer to ensure we had the right approach to tear down walls and a beam/floor plan that would be approved by the town, to his hands on crew who managed everything structural and finishing, to his kitchen supplier giving me different lay out options and material choices, to his electricians guiding us to a panel upgrade etc.. Every detail was accounted for and the plans and commitments were clear.

The process itself went off very seamlessly. The crew was here everyday - on time - and cleaned up daily. Once the structural part began any little hiccups that emerged, Mike’s team would communicate clearly and always had solutions for us. Mike was never farther than a quick text to answer questions or a visit to discuss plans. He was very responsive and was always making sure we were happy and unstressed. He and his team were also very flexible if I changed or added something - they would just get it done.

They even met our timeline expectations and worked with us to ensure when we moved back in, it was only a short time for the fully finished work to be done (cabinets/counter tops and appliances installed).

There were no surprises on the budget either - now don’t get me wrong - we added work as the project started like flooring and fresh paint into the basement, etc… but any increase in the budget was due to us expanding the scope of work, not because Mike had misrepresented anything.

Another signal of confidence is we have already talked to Mike about plans for his team to finish our 2nd floor when the time is right. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Mike and his team again.
If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy contractor who does quality work, on time and on budget - go with M&D! You will be in excellent hands!

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