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5910 Greensboro Dr #128
L5M 5Z6 Mississauga

(905) 593-0909

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08:00 - 17:00
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Qun Chen Source: Cylex | 13.01.2023
Very good
All three bathrooms of our house were remodelled together by M&D Builders. The team was great to work with. Mike Messiha was professional, knowledgeable and resourceful. The construction crew (Michael, Ted and Adam) was skilful, hard-working and respectful. The team managed the project well and completed it on schedule and budget. The new bathrooms look fantastic! We are very happy with the renovation and would highly recommend their services!
Lana Angelov Source: Cylex | 12.09.2022
Very good
We hired M&D Buildings to renovate our first floor after interviewing six other contractors. Since we were removing a load bearing wall we wanted to make sure we can trust the person working on the house. From the beginning Mike was knowledgeable and communicative, answered all of our questions with patience and provided solutions. All permits and drawings were obtained in a timely fashion.
Mike and his crew were efficient, responsive and punctual. Demolition was done with minimal debris and they always cleaned up at the end of the day. Everyone who worked on our project was experienced and professional. Overall we had a great experience and would highly recommend M&D Buildings.
Xing Li Source: Cylex | 11.07.2022
Very good
M&D Builders did a very good job in renovating the whole main floor for our two-story house in Oakville. We relocated the kitchen and made it bigger; renovated the powder & laundry room; re-purposed the old dining room as a new office/bedroom. We worked with a kitchen company for the cabinets and countertops. M&D did everything else. The quality of their work is high standard, and their crew are professional and respectful. We're very satisfied with the end results, including the structural changes (i.e., a new steel beam added and a new wall for the open concept kitchen), the hardwood & tile flooring, the electrical work, plumbing, painting, new doors, crown moulding, etc. We would highly recommend them to friends and anyone who's looking for a reliable and reasonable general contractor.

A few things:
1) At our first meeting with Mike, he pointed out our plan would need structural changes, the drawing and city permit. Right away, we consulted a structural engineer and confirmed what Mike said was true. So, we knew he was honest and know his stuff. Other small companies who came before him didn't know about the structural change. A couple of big builder companies didn't bother to give us much details, they offered a packaged deal - pay first, details later. After some discussions on the details with Mike, we signed the contact with M&D. Our project started after March break, now is nearing the end, so glad we chose M&D.
2) Mike and his team are flexible to accommodate our needs. For example, we moved out at the beginning and then had to move back sooner due to unexpected situation. Mike and his team managed to coordinate and work with three of us living and working on the 2nd floor and completed the work. At the end of each workday, they always cleaned up the garbage and tidied up the site.
3) Mike and his team are honest and upfront for unexpected costs. They provide us options and professional advice based on years of experience but listen and respect our decisions as the homeowner.

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