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3484 Mavis Road
L5C 1T8 Mississauga

+1 905-277-4500

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Hours set on 20/12/2022
08:00 AM - 12:30 PM
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Paola Andrea Garcia 30.04.2022
am very dissapointed with this place. Their prices have increase by over 50% in the last two years. I get inflation, but their increases are gross to say the least.
In the last two years my pet has been seen by different people, which will be okay if the were as competent and compassionate as Dr. Smith.
I visit them yesterday, my pet has an ear infection, the first thing the vet (Erika Masters)did is spend 10 minutes looking at her teeth, I was confused but assumed maybe it is all related. She proceeds to tell me there is a partially broken tooth that needs to be extracted and is over $2000. I asked if this is what is causing the ear infection but she said no
Is not infected and is not problematic at the moment. When I asked what about her ears? The vet left the room and came back with the estimate for the tooth turned out to be $2110.17. She talked about teeth for another 10 minutes and why is better to do it there instead of a dental specialist because is more affordable with them.
Maybe in her world $2110.17 is nothing, but certainly not in mine specially if it is not a necessary procedure.
Finally she looked at my pets ears and the consult with that was very ambiguous, it was like searching the internet instead of talking to a trained specialist. "The ear and skin infection could be this....or it could be that ." This is what I got and of course the bill was 320 dollars. She put her in antibiotics for a month and provide me with some drops I need to put in her ears using a syringe, however the drops come on dropper bottle so extracting the product with a syringe without spilling half of it is almost impossible. I dont know if my pet was accessed properly, I'm not sure the medication is needed or if it even matches the condition since the vet herself didn't know either. We pet owners love and care for out pets and to have someone just take advantage when we search for help is unethical and straight up mean. I will of course be looking for another vet but beware my fellow pet owners.

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