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Karen Leong 28.05.2022
I booked massage appointment for both my husband and myself on May 28, 2022 via online after 4 years since my last appointment at massage addict. We registered ourselves as new patients because we did not know if our records were still available and also we wanted to update our heatlh status. We completed all health assessment forms and registration forms as required. When we booked the appointments, we understood that we will be charged $85 for first visit. I called Massage Addict the following day to confirm if they have received our assessment and registration forms, and if there are any issues with my registration. The receptionist said all forms were received and there was no issue.
However, after we completed our massage on May 28, to our surprise , we were billed for $124 for each massage , and was told that although we have not visited since 2018, this is not our first visit .
My husband's bill went through direct insurance billing , but mine had some problem, and I was told that I had to pay via credit card and submit my claim to my insurance. I asked if this is a system problem or it is something to do with the billing for this particular massage therapist. The receptionist said it seemed to be for this particular massage therapist and was not reluctant to elaborate in details. When I submitted my claim online to my insurance, I was prompted that I am audit for this claim and need to submit proof of my receipt or any document regarding this service . It created some inconvenience as our claim for massage service had always been directly billed.

1) Why the receptionist did not inform me that my registration as initial visit was not accepted when I called to follow up on our registration, and that we have to pay $124 vs $85 for our visits ?
2) Why would a particular massage therapist direct billing be a problem and if so, why there was no follow up action taken by the company ?

We were very disappointed by the lack of transparency with our registration and unexpected charges for the visits at Massage Addict.

I am waiting for my claim of $124 to go through my insurance, before I follow up with Massage Addict again.

I hope the management will follow up on the 2 issues reported in this review.

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