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Kris Uguccioni 25.02.2023
Talk about a shady dealership-duo. Wow. The Sales manager Igor real heel. His LinkedIn says that this masters in economics recipient is a master in negotiation, Negotiation is one thing- trying to bleed informed consumers for every red cent is another. He and the sales rep Ali tried at multiple stages to pull the bait and switch and pull the wool over my eyes during my attempt to purchase a vehicle here. But I've been here before, I've been naive, but now I'm experienced, well researched and informed, and they tried to punish me for it at every step. Here's what happened:

1. I came in, saw a vehicle and said I was interested and had to bring my wife in to come see it when she wasn't working, I said to the rep clearly in person, in text and on the phone "we don't live close, if it sells before our appt just let me know". We arrive for our appointment and come to find out - "Oh I'm so mad, we just sold it last night". Where was the call?

2. Initial conversations were clear that the deposit was refundable and if I decided I didn't want the car for personal or financial reasons that they could just sell it to someone else - I should note that this is how the original car I came see was available (a lady's financing fell through and they were able to resell it). However when it came time to sign the purchase agreement, not only was the deposit suddenly $2000 but it was also non-refundable. I told them that a lot of money to pay interest on for a year with no car to show for it- they tried to negotiate on a deposit and made it sound like they were doing me this huge favour by settling on $1000

3. You HAVE to take EITHER Oil spray ($1500) or Extended warranty ($3200) or KIA won't accept the order. Seriously? With a little pressure both were dropped suddenly at different times but even on purchase agreement I was told I HAD to take the warranty there was no way around that- apparently there was

4. I'm not unreasonable I know that certain fees OMVIC $10, Wheel $20 and Delivery $1950 are unavoidable, but these guys dug their heels in on Documentation $599 and Etching and Wheel Lock $279, saying that (on a car that doesn't exist yet), they couldn't do anything about it. I'm sorry but I am ORDERING this car new as in the LOCKS and ETCHING aren't even a dirty thought yet, I get to choose the features I do and don't want on it. If you were selling pizza you couldn't make mushrooms mandatory and make me pay an upcharge for it

5. OH they tried to sneak through a final purchase agreement with a bunch of highlighted areas on it that would lock me into prices, features, etc when the discussion to that point had been that a deposit was only to secure my spot in line and not a final purchase. So when i show up in a year from now they's be able to say, no no no, no negotiation room now,

We didn't even get to negotiate on MSRP/Base price because they claimed they don't because the price may change between now and delivery. Sure. But I left that alone, even though I did my research and know that the dealers cost on a 2023 Telluride SX Limited is $55,759 and the MSRP is $59,195 so thats the dealer profit (approx. $3.2K).

So in the end the deal fell apart because they refused to let go of of $880 in fees. In case you're wondering, check this article out, it explains how dealerships have the total ability to waive these (on a car ON the Lot). So on a car that doesn't even exist yet it's just extortion.

The last thing that was said to me via Ali from the manager was "he's not willing to do that, he can get it from somewhere else". Which means, we can trick someone else, go away. Well I'm not going anywhere, I'm going to make sure everyone on every review platform and dealer rating site knows where the room for negotiation is and to avoid not just you two but just generally avoid North York Kia at Finch and Dufferin, entirely!

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