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32 Matchedash Street North Suite 101
L3V 4T6 Orillia


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Emily Williams 02.09.2022
I had a very unfortunate experience with this vendor. I don’t feel they were up front with pricing(no info on the cost of the trial anywhere in the brochure just encourages you to book a trial before the wedding) and the actual styling itself was not even close to be worth the amount of time and money spent. Neither my hair or makeup looked anything like the inspiration pictures I brought in. For the makeup, the colours were not right (for the eye shadow or lip) the eye lashes were not along the lash line, eyeliner was uneven, products used must not have been great as by the time I got home it looked like I was wearing no eyeshadow at all. For the hair the curls did not last even a few hours even after stressing to the stylist that my hair needs extra support to hold a curl. The style did not look anything like what I asked for, you could see the hair elastics and it looked very sloppy. I left with a visible pony tail in the back with two twists meeting in the middle (very very simple style). Of the two elastics used for the style both were visible. I did not take any pictures in the salon as the stylists said they would take them and send them to me. I did not receive any pictures until I sent an email with my disappointment. I sent a picture I took in the driveway of the salon. The salon replied with pictures of a style that was done halfway through the appointment and not the final look that I left with and accused me of altering the style or that it was taken hours later etc.
On top of that the stylist burned my ear with styling tool. I would have been devastated if something like that happened on the day of my wedding to me or any bridesmaids.
I did voice my opinion while at the salon (asked for more dimension/sparkles like the image I showed with the eyeshadow, asked to restyle my hair twice) but after over two and a half hours it was clear that what I wanted was not going to happen. I was charged full price for the bridal hair and makeup and also lost my deposit for the wedding day (over 400$ down the drain). When I emailed about my disappointment I was made to feel that it was my fault for not speaking up and was offered nothing in compensation.
I will not be recommending the dragonfly room to anyone for weddings.

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