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Penny Baycroft 14.10.2023
Very good

Upon entering the store a very delightful happy man approached and when asked if we needed help immediately which was awsome at that point we were just looking and informed him so which he replied with a funny comment which we felt was just plain awsome. Once i found the couch i wanted i went to find him and he immediately stopped what he was doing and came to help. He then helped me find a bed set i need as well and had me try them out to which he informed me to lay down just a little longer to feel the bed cradle me and MY GOSH he was right so SOLD. While waiting for him to do up the bill i also found the most adorable amazing coffee table with barn doors i just had to have so when he came back and found out i wanted to add it off he went cheerfully to add to the bill. Yes i know thats his job but being from sales background i know first hand how frustrating it can be and he also had others in store he could have made a higher sale on and he did not make that apparant again i know only cause im sales background. Final bill was drawn up and he informed me the couch price which i informed him the sales tag was lower and to his surprise the tag hadnt been switched back as of yet so he honored the price of course. I was also on hunt for a dresser and he let me know best to come back during Black Friday sale for better pricing which was incredibly awsome of him and most of all Ethical. So all was done and final sale papers drawn up and he also let me know how the process works so yes i have to wait for my delivery date this weekend on couch and yes i have to wait two weeks for my bed and coffee table but thats ok. Most honest, ethical, friendly sales agent i have yet to have met. Keep up the AMAZING WORK Micheal.

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