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L1H 2J9 Oshawa

(905) 579-1212

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08:30 AM - 08:00 PM
08:30 AM - 08:00 PM
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Payote Nelson 22.07.2022
This would be the second day in a row I attended the walk in Clinic here at oshawa glazier where I waited over 2 hours for a nurse to tell me that there's only one nurse available to assist me with my infection in my wrist which was leaking pus and asking them to fill out victims service sheets which is very simple for a doctor but they told me they couldn't do it digitally and wanted me to have the forms printed out and so I did but they refuse to help me and told me to come back the following day so here I am the following day with the forms printed out hoping to get filled though and have my wrist look after and stitches taken out which again the nurse told me they were short staff and had to wait an extremely long time even after seeing a doctor and this so-called doctor said he couldn't fill out the forms because it would take too long what kind of doctor is that not a very professional human being if I say so so with the refusal of helping me and extremely long wait time I waited over three and a half hours just for them to tell me they cannot help me and I proceeded to go somewhere else never again will I go back to this Clinic when before for many years it has been amazing to me which is very upsetting this has been one of the only clinics I've ever gone to in my whole entire life and now it is completely changed for the worst thank you for hearing me and listening to my statement

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