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Krasnaia Riabina 11.02.2022
Very good
God must have smiled down at me when I became a client of Connolly Obagi Law firm, after my huge bad luck, which happened in January 2014 and left me totally incapacitated for a rather lengthy period of time. In fact, that multiple car accident on the highway between Montreal and Ottawa nearly cost me my life. Then eight long, uneasy rehabilitation years, full of drama, uncertainty and physical pain followed, before the case has been finally resolved. All these years, my lawyer Christopher Obagi and his team devotedly accompanied me, providing not only their legal but also moral and emotional support. I have never dealt with any lawyers prior to this terrible accident and at the beginning was unsure about what to expect. This experience showed me what a great lawyer was in reality. I will always remember this firm with its beautiful, caring, empathetic, knowledgeable, and professional personnel, their work ethics, philosophy, values, and ways with their injured clients as superbly outstanding and unforgettable for a person who was going through the biggest life ordeal. But most of all, I will always cherish in my heart and mind the association with my lawyer, Christopher Obagi, who is not only a strong, capable, knowledgeable, and highly professional specialist in this area of law, but also a beautiful human being who I am proud to have met in my life in a capacity of a lawyer. Simply put, Christopher Obagi is among the cream of the crop of Canada’s and Ontario’s personal injury group of lawyers along with his father, his brother, and their partners in the Connolly Obagi Law firm. Anyone who is looking for a lawyer to represent him/her in a road or other accident, will be truly lucky to become a client of Connolly Obagi. I know I consider myself very lucky in this way: although my health has not returned to its pre-accident state, Christopher made a huge positive difference in my post-accident life and managed to resolve my case to my complete satisfaction.

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