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13071 Yonge St
L4E 1A5 Richmond Hill

(866) 987-6453

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08:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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Recent reviews on Yably

Lorraine Source: Cylex | 09.01.2022
Visited the Oak Ridges store today Jan 9 and was rudely startled by the produce associate and the manner he was handling the produce dolly.
Instead of apologizing he stated that I was now awake. Very unprofessional and inappropriate.
Disappointed customer of over 20 years
3 peas Source: Cylex | 06.01.2021
Very good
Store is looking good. So different than what it used to be under 2 previous managements.
Owner and his wife are far from personable, but their staff in every dept is wonderful.
Produce manager is kick ass. Cashiers are just lovely(shout out to Heather who is adorable, Jenna who is the quickest, Julia, Sabrina, Lea, the 2 Julies one of which tells a good story. Grocery guys are all pretty nice and helpful. There's one guy who is exceptionally friendly it just kills me. Then there's Daniel who works every dept, super helpful friendly and witty.
Dairy guys are always aiming to help. Loving the multiple lanes open now with extra cashiers, plus the self check out. One thing that is really unique is that the prices of the holiday/seasonal products are reduced before the day of the holiday/special event. How ingenious, sell more by reducing the price before you're left with 1000 pieces of a product no one will buy after the fact. Rob is clearly very experienced.
Cori HOl Source: Cylex | 14.05.2020
I went to no-frills today Oak Ridges location, May 14 at 4pm. There was security at the door one foot away from me with no mask. I did talk to an assistant manager and he said its not mandatory. I did say I would not shop there if they can not social distant. His reply was "ya whatever have a nice day." I would like to think you could train your managers on how to talk to your clients in a proper profession way. I have been a customer at your store for 15 years, and this was just a terrible way for a manager to address anyone this way. Very bad experience.

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