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LT Source: Cylex | 21.05.2010
I recently contracted Ball and Sons to install equipment in my home. While their technicians are incredibly competent, they did a lot of unnecessary damage to my home.

While some floor damage is to be expected adjacent to and underneath the work area, the amount of damage that was done to my floor, as well as my stairwell, was completely unacceptable. Basically, the technicians had dragged the equipment across my floor (rather than using a dolly), leaving behind a trail of gouges and scrapes. In addition, chunks of wood are chipped out of my banisters and stairs because of their carelessness while moving equipment.

I contacted the business owner and had him come over to view the damage. He assured me that all of the damage was normal. I disagree and blame it on carelessness. Perhaps more than one employee should have been moving this heavy equipment in order to protect my banisters and staircase. Perhaps a rug should have been put down on my floor to protect it. Furthermore, floors should not be left covered in filfth at the end of a job. It should not be up to the client to sweep and mop for an hour to remove their grime. This is all common sense courtesy that a professional business should employ.

So, my advice to anyone hiring this company would be to ensure that you are present throughout the entire installation process. If I had been there to observe their working practices, I am sure that the damage would have been minimized.

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