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4614 Kingston Rd
M1E 2P4 Scarborough

(647) 879-5301

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10:30 AM - 07:00 PM
10:30 AM - 07:00 PM
10:30 AM - 07:00 PM
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Recent reviews on Yably

Mohsin Khalid 28.04.2022
Very good
Just picked up my almost new brand new Tesla and I am loving it. These guys dealt with me professionally and got me financing at a very reasonable rate within the same day. Tim and Mohsin was great to deal with. Nick.
Jason McNeil 06.12.2021
Let me start by saying that I’ve bought allot of cars in my life and I’ve never dealt with anyone like this place. Beginning of Spring they had a Shelby GT350 for sale. I make my purchases very easy, show up, look for 5 minutes and buy. No different here, showed up to a filthy very expensive car parked in a decrepit old garage in the back covered in dust. I know what I’m buying so doesn’t bother me. The stone chips and paint issues that any dealership would have dealt with were not corrected. They tell me that during the certification it needed rear brake pads, but brakes screeched all summer and never got better. After a week or so of owning the vehicle I wanted to do some brake mods but couldn’t find the lock nut key. I reach out to Tim and the stories start. 3-4 emails and following up later and nothing is resolved and I still don’t have the lock nut key. I keep emailing, no answer. I keep calling, no answer. So I go on their website and respond to an ad for a random vehicle that I’m interested and within minutes I get a call back. I explain to the person calling me back what has happened here and I get the “I’m very sorry I will get someone to call you back”. Days go by and shocked that nobody has called me back. I do the same thing and within minutes get another call back from the same guy!!!!! He barely remembers me and says once again that “someone will call me back”. Much to my extreme shock, it’s been over a week AND NOBODY HAS CALLED ME BACK!!!!! This is the type of place that gives used car lots a bad name and the worry that you’re always being swindled.

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