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13535 72 Avenue
V3W 2N9 Surrey
British Columbia

+1 604-594-6262

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08:00 AM - 05:30 PM
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08:00 AM - 05:30 PM

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Thomas 22.06.2023
Everything started of great, Got a good loaner car and was looking forward to my Rogue getting fixed. While they had my vehicle I left messages through their website and also phone messages and no-one ever responded to anythng until I did my negative review, (weird). Communication with Kirmac Collisiona nd Autoglass Surrey via email is impossible and they do not reply to texts. I finally got a phone message that my car was ready so I went and picked it up. Everything seemed ok but once I started loading my stuff back in the vehicle when I got home I noticed the interior palstic was old and stained but they kept the rectangular nice looking piece from the old liftgate (which made the rest look even worse). The back of the lift gate did not look right to me but I couldn't quite place it. When my wife looked at it she noticed the decals ROGUE and the SV AWD were not put back on the liftgate! I figured it would be a hassle to deal with them so I was going to just buy them and do it myself but when I saw they are over $150. I said no way.. As my wife and I looked over the car I also noticed the liftgate they just painted had chipped paint on both sides! I don't want to call because then you never have a record of what is discussed (which is most likely why they don't reply to emails) so I dropped by and talked to the assistant manager Arjunveer Kamra and he took me in to the office to discuss my concerns. I realised he was looking over the photos they took in hopes I was lying or wrong about my concerns but I wasn't. He seemed very accomodating and said he would call me same day (Monday June 19/23)or next day (Tuesday June 20/23)and get me in this week to have to repairs done. I emailed him my concerns about how he would get the interior plastic the same color it was meant to be in the first place but as per usual Kirmac doesn't reply to emails. I have not recieved a phone call, text, email or anything else so I had to call ICBC to deal with this issue. Too bad they suck because I liked the loaner vehicle from Hertz half a block away and my mechanic is also half a block from Kirmac so nice to have everything in 1 spot. If people stop rear ending my vehicle I wouldn't have to worry about this BS. I would never have dropped almost 30k cash on this vehicle if it looked the way it does now and looking at the invoice they charged $2,495.00 for a crappy used liftgate they could paint (FYI: the interior plastic is NOT removable and is part of the liftgate, great thinking NISSAN!) when at this point they may have well have just bought the new one with correct colored interior with Primed exterior for $3824.38 from the dealer (so there must be a cheaper option with correct result). Such bs and the car has lost alot of value with these screw ups. To Be Continued...

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