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13654 104 Ave
V3T 1W2 Surrey
British Columbia

(604) 588-1266

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08:30 AM - 05:30 PM
08:30 AM - 05:30 PM
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Marcus Willian Alves 23.01.2024
worst nightmare ever lived, stay away, total scam.
my name is marcus and this is my experience
i took my car on 2023-12-27, to fix the engine light on, and the air conditioning, separate diagnosis charges of 90 cad each.

diagnostics 180 cad
spark plugs 92 cad - labor 110 cad
ignition coils 540 cad
valve cover 187 cad - labor 225 cad
ac recharging - 149 cad
blower motor - 247 cad - labor 221 cad
blower motor resistor - 119 cad
shop supplies - 7 cad labor 7 cad
total 1341 + 743 (labor) = 2084 plus taxes = 2334.08

i pay in cash at 4:30 pm, for the service to be cheaper he charges in cash (without paying the taxes),
he didn't give the receipt, i stayed until the end of the day in the store at around 5:30 pm and the parts would not arrive, the next day i tried to cancel the service early at 7:30 am, and he said it had already started the work and the pieces were already there.

after the service was done, the car continued with the engine light on, he said it would be because of the oxygen sensor, for which it was not quoted.

almost 3 weeks later the car was leaking oil, taken it to another mechanic who said it would be at the top, where was the valve cover, i took the car again to the manager who is called sam, requesting a warranty, today 2024-01-22, he said the leak would be at the lower part, even though the other mechanic carried out the inspection and had a report.

in summary, my car is leaking oil after spending almost 2100 cad, with a 90-day warranty on parts and service, not a month has passed, and he excuses that it is another thing, they have no commitment to the customer, terrible service, the star i give for this place it will be -11, if was possible to put here.

stay away, run away from this place. i will pass on my experience to all the people i know.

the bad reviews here are true, i wish i had seen them before leaving my car in the hands of this "mechanic".

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