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105 - 5680 152 St
V3S 3K2 Surrey
British Columbia

(604) 576-8819

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Rebekah Paul 02.04.2022
This is a real & honest review of Wave & Dr. Sanghe. I was a Botox patient of Dr Sanghe for over 5 years, so my experience is probably the most impactful you’ll read. I walked out of my last session with no treatment & I’ll never be back. Dr Sanghe has always lacked bedside manner (professional interaction with patients). He’s curt, abrupt & lacks the desire to comfort patients. The glowing reviews you’ll read here are a total misrepresentation of his true nature. He’s also extremely sensitive to criticisms or questions about the impacts of his treatments. I endured his lack of bedside manner for 5 years because till now his ability outweighed his amiableness & Karli/his admin staff have always been awesome. My last few treatment appointments have caused eye lid droop & his aggressive pressure for me to do filler had become overwhelming. When questioned about the eyelid droop…he refused to acknowledge the relation to the Botox or offer any reassurance it wouldn’t happen again. Instead, he pushed FILLER again & MORE Botox…not less (which was what I was asking for)!!! Doctors should NEVER push treatments…especially when you’ve repetitively said you don’t want them. It’s a breach of the Hippocratic oath they take towards medical ethics. He has pushed filler with me on EVERY appointment for the past 5 years despite my discomfort & repeated rejection of it. I walked out of my last appointment without Botox treatment when he said, ‘if I have 1% hesitation towards his methods & application…he would not do the treatment’. That was his response to my concerns. He shouldn’t be practicing medicine. He doesn’t care about his patients. Dr. Sanghe only cares about money & FILLER is the ticket to more money. My review is echoed by my mother & all my friends that used to see him. Not 1 person including myself now…will ever return. I’m happy to say I’ve found a doctor downtown that not only provides a better/more thoughtful application…he cares! He was horrified when he heard of Dr Sanghe’s tactics. I’m so glad I’ve found someone professional & ethical!! Karli, before you write a response refuting the validity of this review, please remember our call & your confirmation to me of Dr. Sanghe’s lack of bedside manner & love for “pushing his filler”. If this review reaches 1 potential patient…I’ve helped someone. Please do your research people & find a doctor that cares. Dr Sanghe is NOT that person. All the best.

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