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Auto Darren 30.05.2023
Subject: Complaint regarding fraudulent and deceptive practices and poor quality of sectional couch

Dear Customer Service Department,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction with the recent purchase of a sectional couch from your store. The entire experience, from the misleading sales tactics to the poor quality of the product, has left me extremely disappointed and frustrated.

To begin with, the salesperson who approached me during my visit to The Brick presented the sectional couch as a great deal due to the need for space for new inventory. However, upon closer inspection of the receipt, I discovered that the couch was marked "as is," a crucial detail that was not explicitly pointed out to me during the sales process. This omission raises serious concerns about the integrity and transparency of your sales staff. I find it deeply unsettling that the phrase "as is" was surreptitiously included in the contract without my explicit knowledge, leading me to sign it unknowingly and under false pretenses. This deceptive practice puts the onus on the customer to bear the consequences of any pre-existing issues with the product. I believe it is both unethical and unfair for your company to disclaim responsibility for the poor quality of the sectional couch by hiding behind the "as is" condition, which was deliberately kept hidden from me.

Upon bringing the couch home and assembling it, I encountered multiple issues that indicate a lack of quality control. Firstly, the triangular-shaped fasteners on the back pieces, which are crucial for stability, were bent and scratched. This resulted in one piece not being able to lock into place at all, compromising the structural integrity of the couch. I had to resort to flipping the couch over, removing the underlay, and using a large bolt to make it stay in place.

Furthermore, upon flipping the couch, I discovered old holes where the legs were previously screwed in. Shockingly, one leg was missing entirely, causing one side of the couch to sag and preventing the two sections from securely locking together. As a result, the couch slides apart whenever someone sits on it, posing a safety hazard and rendering it unusable as intended.

What exacerbates the situation is the timing of your recent promotional offer. Just one week after my purchase, I received a flyer advertising a sale with no tax and 36 months of interest-free financing. It is deeply disappointing and disheartening to discover that your company failed to inform me about this promotion beforehand, despite the fact that I had just made a significant purchase. This lack of communication further erodes my trust in The Brick as a reputable establishment.

I expect immediate action to rectify this situation and provide a suitable resolution. I would like the following steps to be taken:

Replacement or repair: I request that you replace the damaged and defective parts of the sectional couch promptly or arrange for a professional repair service at no additional cost to me. This includes providing new fasteners, addressing the missing leg, and ensuring proper alignment and stability of the couch.

Refund or compensation: Considering the misleading sales tactics, substandard quality, and the recent promotional offer, I request a partial refund or appropriate compensation for the inconvenience, time wasted, and the need to address these issues myself.

Better communication: I strongly urge you to improve your communication practices to ensure that customers are informed about upcoming sales and promotions, especially if they have made recent purchases.

I trust that you will take my concerns seriously and take swift action to resolve

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