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Recent reviews on Yably

BL Ward 09.09.2023
I have had nothing but problems since we got our furniture May of 2022. It’s not that they aren’t happy to fix problems but everything take so long and it’s suppose to be well made quality furniture in the first place.
PocketAccessory Charge Table Timber CRESCENT BLK CO we brought two the first one stopped working a week after we got it in May replacement came in October, the second broke july I think it came in January both new ones stopped working but I don’t care any more having to deal with too many other issues. Tables are worthless. Do not recommend

Reo 2.5 Seater RR Smart V4 Manhattan - Blue
Steel MN-63 we’ve had a broken leg which took awhile for the service team to come. Not there fault waiting for a replacement leg. A mechanical issues where we couldn’t use the couch for two weeks waiting for a part. The pillows are already collapsing and there is a spring sticking out. I need a piece of duct tape on it so no one gets hurt. Couch is going to landfill. Do not recommend

Lode Ottoman Small Luxe - Ocean LX-94. I can’t even tell you about the troubles I’ve had with this. Eventually they said the only thing they could do was give me my money back which may sound like a good solution but they promised me a quality piece of furniture which never happened and their solution only proved they could not deliver on their promise. Not recommended.

Oliver Tub Chair - Swivel Upgrade Amalfi - LIMONCELLO AF-05 BLK. we bought two, colour is good but sewing is mediocre looks like I covered it myself. Not recommended for craftsmanship not worth the money (paid full price)

Straight Powered Smart Arm BLK so far only thing we have had no issues with.

Would not recommend King King

Tess was awesome though. I’m sorry for her it didn’t work out. She spent a lot of time with me. My pieces should have made a peaceful flow to my home. Sad waste of my time and money.

Kathy Bjarnason 24.10.2022
Very good
My husband and I have been looking for a new set for the living room and after looking around we went to King furniture , we chose a set that worked and is functional for our needs and is durable( grandbaby) The warranty is fantastic as well which is important to us. Mark helped us with everything explained everything down to the last detail which was amazing ( has an amazing eye for colors) we are super stoked to get the new set we chose the King cloud 3 seater and we can’t wait to get it . Thank you so much Mark for all your help .

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