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1505 Admirals Rd #107
V9A 2P8 Victoria
British Columbia

(250) 384-5211

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09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
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Victor Sanchez 24.05.2022
Gauging customers - No service and Illegal activities.

Service means the action of helping or doing work for someone.
Gouching means overcharge; swindle.

Today’s interaction at Achieve Health Chiropractic in Admiral Rd.
I arrived with my motorcycle (and helmet) for my appointment on time.

Attendant: Hello…. Do you have a mask
Me: No I don’t… do you have a mask?
Attendant: Yes, we have but we charge $2 per mask
Me: I don’t have $2 for a mask (not I will pay for that)
Attendant: well… we can not have your appointment today.
Me: Ok… I left.

Additional notes: I am triple vaccinated and I have no issue wearing a mask.

A mask cost $0.10 (if that) and you are charging $2, this person is not aware of the
BC Ministerial order M115 that establish….
“unconscionable price”, in relation to selling or offering to sell essential goods and supplies, means a price that grossly exceeds the price at which similar essential goods and supplies are available in similar transactions to similar consumers

Couple more for the owner to consider
An appointment cost nearly $110 or so…
I am guessing the physiography will make … guessing $35 hr.
The business gets the rest.
So, to the owner…
1) What message do you think your employee reads about this situation?
2) The owner, is willing to deprive your employees of their wage for $0.10 service

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