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1201 Dundas Street East
L1N 2K6 Whitby

(866) 683-9104

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Kristen Anna Maria 18.09.2021
Gus Brown Buick GMC Ltd. - Whitby, GMC and GMC Canada

Officially calling out GMC located in Whitby. We bought a brand new GMC Terrain a few years ago and have had problems with it since day one. The first incident occurred when I was driving down Thickson rd and the car put itself in park. We were told it was the gear control panel buttons that came back with an error code needing to be replaced. After that came the issue of me turning the car off when it was parked and the middle console staying on. I could literally still hear my music after locking and walking away. I have had people come into work to let me know that my car is still on in the parking lot. I was told by gm in Whitby that it was happening because of the sensor in the door and to just allow it to time out (eventually causing my battery to die). They replaced the sensor part after putting up a fight. After that we have had continuous problems. The middle console malfunctions regularly turning on and off. Not syncing with volume controls or ac control. I have also now had the transmission light and warning several times now. I brought it back and was told the error is the same part that was replaced in the first visit. (Which btw they replaced it with a part from a car in the parking lot the first time and did not save any records or documentation of them doing that). We ordered the part and took the car home. Allowing them once again to try and fix the problem. Weeks later they called it in to be replaced. My mother went to pick up the car and my whole ac unit was broken. Apparently I am super man and somehow punched in my whole AC unit with my super strength? None of the buttons work. They refused to take responsibility and refuse to fix it. They claim it was brought in like this. But for some reason they never called to offer to fix it or even mentioned it upon pick up. My mom noticed it…..everything you read above isn’t even the full extent of the headache this car has caused. Every fix was an argument or fight to get fixed or to even speak with someone higher up. We were offered pennies to return the car and given 1000 towards a brand new vehicle meaning we would have to take the loss for this poorly made car. We have been bounced around from person to person including head office and the actual dealership. I am at a loss on what to do and now that the damage is more than just an inconvenience

PS DO NOT BUY FROM GMC WHITBY (the car we had purchased was a brand new terrain)

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