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Ahsan Mohammad Ali 27.11.2022
The poorest service I have ever received from a dealership.
Last week, took my car for the winter tire swap according to the scheduled service appointment. There were some minor service issues which I am not bringing in here. Rather I am sharing the main issue. I picked up my car after tire swap and didn’t check the back as they confirmed that the tires are properly stored. After returning home when attempted to unload the tires, I found the tires were jyst thrown in the car without a cover and my white interior is meesed up with the stains and dirt. Next day I went back for re-torking and showed the service adviser. He said sorry and put the tires in the plastic bafs right away. Also he talked to the manager and offered me a free bronze package interior detailing. I accepted tgat offer and as advised, droped the car off on the next day at 7:00 am. The pickup was delayed but got
the car back in the evening. The time I picked up, the service Center appeared to be closed as there was no service advisor was there. Brought the car back and found they cleaned the front rows nicely but didn’t even touch the areas they ruined for which the detailing service was intended. I am so frustrated that I don’t feel to pursue it anymore! I always try to accommodate and not a person to complain ir write a bad review. So far, this is the 3rd bad review writing in my life where I wrote 100s of good reviews in different occasions.
Being a regular customer of this dealership, I feel immensely disappointed, disturbed and disgusted.
Hope they improve their service and provide better customer experience. Probably, I am not going back again to the dealership unless I am undone. If I don’t find a better Chrysler service center, I will even think of selling it go for a different brand.
Susan Wasson Source: Cylex | 29.04.2014
Very good
My sincere appreciation for all you help and support. The purchase experience was such a pleasure! I can not say enough. But my reason for writing this review is your service and how you back up the purchase.
I can not say enough on how the service department handled my service issue with ease. They kept me informed and more importantly I thought I would have to pay for the work , but come to find out it was all under warranty.

Thanks for looking after me!

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