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Saxgi Lincel Githavak Source: Cylex | 03.04.2017
Very good
Great Job! We replaced our countertops with granite and our back splash with tiles. Rudy, Mark and the rest of the team at Ideas did a great job. The actual granite installation was led by Goose and his team and they were always trying to ensure that we were satisfied with their work. After the countertops were completed, Steve installed the tile backsplash and did everything possible to ensure that we were satisfied with his work. Everyone was courteous and professional. Would I recommend them , yes. Brian from Tecumseh, April, 2017
Kam Source: Cylex | 17.10.2013
Very disappointed by the service and end product. I chose this company because they quoted me 3 weeks for a finished quartz counter top and matched a competitor's price. 5 weeks and 4 unanswered calls letter they finally arrived to measure the space. Thorough measurements were not taken as could be seen by the hack job that was done to our existing vanity to make it fit. I needed this done by the holiday (thus the reason I placed the order 1.5 months before) and, while they did it at 6pm the Friday of the holiday, it left no time to complete our part of the install before guests arrived. Because the install took longer than expected, the installers almost ran out of the house before we had a chance to look at it up close. Upon closer inspection we discovered dark smudge marks and a few red marks on the white counter top. I contacted the owner and expressed my displeasure. She told me to clean it. As I had already attempted this, this was not a professional or acceptable response. She said the pictures did not show the marks (pictures were taken from the door and did not show the fine marks). When they finally agreed to come look at it the installer was able to get some of the marks off but not many. He said that it was part of the stone. I purchased a man made stone to avoid these kind of marks. I explained that I was not pleased with my purchase. I was also not pleased with the attitude with which both owners dealt with my complaint and my business in general. When I expressed my displeasure, the concern was not to attempt to make it better but to suggest "so what, now you won't pay me?"
Purchaser beware - you satisfaction is not the main aspiration for this fly by night company.

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