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Mike Kemp 18.07.2022
Performance Ford
Just want to share my recent experience with Performance Ford. I have previously leased & purchased many vehicles from this dealership. They currently have 9 Bronco's sitting on their lot. I inquired about one of them in which they informed me it was available however they were not honouring A-Plan pricing for employees and were charging $5000 over sticker to take advantage of vehicle shortages and demand for Bronco's.
However if I wanted to order one they would give me a-plan. I said forget it.

The following day I receive a text message from the salesman Howell Ricketts informing me he can get me A-Plan on that vehicle if I still want it. I head in to see him to try to make a deal.

This is when they get really sneaky.. .
He gives me a price and as we start to go through the invoice.
They have applied the A-Plan discount but left the $ 5000.00 price adjustment in. He takes that out after I notice.. Then they want to roll 8000.00 from my current lease into the new vehicle.
It's a 2021 F-150. Never had an issue getting out of a lease early on a F-150 as they are also in high demand. Then 2 charges for fuel one for $180.00 and another for $120.00. Another for $250.00 for floor mats when the vehicle was optioned with both carpet mats and floor liners included in the sticker price. When I get this all straighten out and offer to get rid of my truck on my own to avoid the roll in the Bronco is magically already sold pending a co-signer. 6pm last night.

This morning I have my brother in-law calls the dealership to inquire about the vehicle and they inform his it's available and ask when he would like to come in and see it. I call Howell Ricketts and he informs me they won't sell me the vehicle without being able to make the money on my trade in..

I would advise our members Unifor Local 200 and their families to stay away from this dealership. They are only interested in getting every dollar they can out of you even if you're an employee that has supported them in the past. Dishonest crooks..

Ron Oglan at Lally Ford has ordered me a new Bronco with exactly the same specs for less than I even got close to at Performance Ford and no lease rollover. It's well worth the drive.

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