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Werner Kroeger 16.11.2023
I had ordered 11 windows and 2 patio doors for my cottage, at a very premium price. When the windows and doors were ordered, two Ecoline employees came on separate occasions, to measure the windows and doors, that needed replacing. When the installers arrived to install them, 5 windows were/are incorrect in size. After addressing their errors, they refused to give us any compensation. They only offered a 5% discount on future orders. As if I would ever order from them again!
Since I posted the review, we discovered other issues. The patio doors allow bugs to get in my cottage! Both doors! A new window was installed and the insulating foam was not completed around the entire window. We are waiting for the 5 new windows, with the correct measurements, to be manufactured and installed. We will see about the service.
Update: on September 20, 2022 I received another call that the installers couldn't make an appointment, that was scheduled well in advance, to resolve some of the issues. Not the first time. My wife has cancelled 3 different shifts at work to accommodate the installers, only to be disappointed by their absence. Again!!!
Update October 30, 2022. I inquired regarding the status of my reordered windows. The estimated time of arrival is mid to late November. The problem occurred in August. They claimed to have put a rush on the correctly manufactured windows. Apparently it takes 3 months to re-manufacture 5 windows. Some rush!!!!!
Update: On January 12, 2023, Ecoline finally installed the remainder of my windows. I was informed that as an Ecoline customer, I could get a discount on blinds. I made the inquiry and was informed that there is no representative in Winnipeg so the quote would be virtual. I was given a quote on blinds that I never got to see or touch! Can you imagine that it was suggested that I spend thousands of dollars on something unseen? Absolutely absurd!!!
Update: November 14, 2023. I needed two windows and the screen from a patio door replaced. The two new windows were the wrong size!! Again!!
This is the lack of quality that I have come to expect from Ecoline! Outrageous!
Purewal Gagan Bhullar 26.11.2022
Very good
We are really happy with service and we got our dream windows in really very excellent price and we got triple pane windows in a very good deal and team was very experienced and we are very happy with service. Strongly recommended
Shelley Harmastki 12.08.2022
Ecoline review:
Would give negative stars if it was possible. Had Ecoline come and replace ALL the windows in my home. What a huge mistake as they are horrible to deal with after you sign on the dotted line. There is a huge English language barrier, at one point, one of the installers had to use their translator on their phone. When I was not happy with the caulking job (HUGE blobs) the installer was cursing at me. They had gotten spray foam all over my composite deck (did not put tarps down). They damaged (put a crack in) the wall on inside the home and also put a crack on the outside stucco. They bent/damaged fascia, also got spray foam all over fascia above one window, when it was brought to there attention they claim, in an email “Ecoline is not responsible for it”. There are 2 bedroom windows that have HUGE frost buildup, they have come back several times to put more spray foam in the corner where the build up is, to the point it is literally oozing out on the outside of my home. They are refusing to acknowledge there is anything wrong with these 2 windows (faulty). One of the bedroom windows is not draining properly, leaving a ton of water in the channels when it rains. Denying anything is wrong with these windows!!!

**I’m unsure how to add pics here, otherwise I’d be happy to post pics**

Edit: My windows were ordered Sept 2020, they finally arrived and installed April 2021. The frost build up noticed during the winter (as stated in review, they came to respray foam several times during the winter). They had come again April 2022 to cut away spray foam that was oozing outside my home, respray foamed (again!!!).

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