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1365 Portage Avenue
R3G 0V8 Winnipeg

+1 204-944-8883

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09:30 AM - 05:00 PM
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Megan Reimer 15.06.2022
Lowest rating is 1 star and they don’t even deserve that. First they sent me the wrong dress claiming my daughter just got fat over a month, fit like a. Dream in the store and a month later her back exoqnded over 4 inches? I think not!
Refused to accommodate for this mistake, got them to agree to refund (still waiting).
The person who was supposed to get the dress failed to show 3 TIMES!
Now they have the tracking number, I have done my part and they are still denying me my refund but the dress is gone.
Do NOT shop here, if you care for your daughters and their mental health.
They made my daughter believe she is fat and she is a size 6!
Never again!
Jamie Funk 06.02.2022
In my opinion this place had unprofessional management. I was actually worried about my childs emotional well-being after the management verbally assaulted me over a non related covid disability. I felt so horrible for my child I even tried to apologize for what happened to me and was not treated well even doing that.
They only reply to many messages left by phone was on Google review and it was not very pleasant, professional and was an unfactual response. You can check it out for yourselves on Google review and more explanation on facebook. Not even a call back or anything. I just wouldn't take the chance with my bride or grads day. I personally just would not chance the brides or grads day.
Allan ross 06.02.2022
Worst customer service we have ever experienced. Went grad dress shopping for our daughter as a blended family. (Mom, stepdad, stepmom). Was told we couldn't shop together due to covid. We complied. Then got harassed by senior staff for calling our other appointments to see if this is how our day would go, as my wife is disabled and has limited energy to waste entering stores where we are forced to shop in shifts. My wife left in tears, management offered a half hearted apology with an excuse for their staff's rudeness. Will never ever go there again!

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