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211 Chelsea Ave
R2K 0Z6 Winnipeg

(204) 795-5217

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Recent reviews on Yably

Briana M 12.09.2023
Very good
I was an absolute rollercoaster for her, I ended up getting covid and having to reschedule our already last minute emergency appointment and then I got upgraded in the wedding last minute and needed to shop for a whole new dress once I was done isolating and she was extremely understanding and accommodating throughout the entire process!!
Ven D 13.04.2023
Bad experience. Melissa ruined my sister and my bridesmaid dresses. Please do not go to her. Day of the wedding dresses fell apart, literally and parts she sewed together were ripping! Definitely waste of money/dresses. Went the whole day trying to adjust it to make it look proper but Melissa cut off too much string and looked ridiculous. Site won't let me share the photos. We really regret going to Melissa. She claimed she could do certain things and she did not fulfill.
Ven D 16.09.2022
4 of us went to see Melissa to get alterations and at the end we all were not happy at all. We had compared the dresses with other bridesmaids in the wedding party that went elsewhere and even they were shocked at how bad the finished work Melissa did on our dresses. We paid way too much for work that took long to get done and had rips at the end (where she was supposed to make the slits higher, the thread and sewing she did ripped on both dresses). It was very inconvenient to go the whole day and reception trying to adjust our dresses the whole time because she said she would be able to do the work as promised but at the end could not come through with it. Would never recommend her to others.

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