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Ryan Hayes 15.09.2022
Our water heater died on us, so I had these, very polite and professional folk come give me a quote on a new tankless water heater. I also got a few other quotes. One for 4300, one for 4600, and a 3rd for 3950. Dennis from Well Done bumped into a guy from Martensville Plumbing and Heating just finishing up looking around, and as Dennis was leaving, he told me "those guys will be cheaper, they're from Martensville" (Spoiler alert! They were), but he told me he'd get me a quote the next morning anyway. I ended up calling their office at the end of the day to ask if they had time to get me a quote. Apparently, Dennis had an emergency and wasn't able to get me the quote. But! The next day I received an email from Well Done, and inside was a proposal for the water heater... As much as $7831!!! After taxes, that's over double what 2 of the other quotes were!!! And the water heater they were going to use was the cheapest out of the 4!!! Martensville Plumbing and Heating had the second highest price. I'll include the "proposal". They break down everything they were going to do to somehow justify $4000 labour for 10 hours of work... As if the other companies weren't going to remove the old one, or vent the new one... Or "properly dispose of waste" or whatever... Guys! This is the importance of getting multiple quotes. 3 minimum.

Reply from Welldone Mechanical Services


In reply to by ryanhayes

Hello Ryan, sorry we did not see this review until now. We wanted to thank you for your honest feedback. We value honesty and are proud of our hardworking, polite, and knowledgeable staff. We are sorry if there were any misconceptions with your quote. The heater unit that you were quoted for is a high-end efficient brand that will last for a long time. We believe in good quality, energy-efficient products and are very passionate about energy-efficient and sustainable practices. Please let us know if you would like to discuss the quote in more detail and if we can turn that 1-star review into a 4 or 5-star review.

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